Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Canon HDV cameras!

If you've been keeping up with the world of Canon cameras, they introduced the XL-H1; the HD inheritor to the XL-1 legacy. I've played with the XL-H1 - it's gorgeous, and of course it's expensive. The great news is that last week Canon introduced a couple lower priced models; the XH-G1 (pictured above) & the XH-A1.

The XH-G1 is built to offer the same image quality as the much larger XL-H1 without the removable lens. I think that the features are pretty much the same (I haven't read the specs in detail), so this might be a good way to get into professional HD without sinking $10,000 into the XL-H1. The XH-A1 is the least expensive entry into Canon's pro HDV line. It's the same as the G1, just without the profusion of specialty inputs and outputs.

Canon's XH-G1
The XH-A1

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