Wednesday, November 26, 2008

boxee blog � boxee on Apple TV 2.3

Boxee has their USB creator patchstick app working for Apple TV version 2.3 now. As my friend Scott said, it's an arms race from here out. Boxee is a competitor to iTunes now, and competition can only help both applications from a user perspective. boxee blog boxee on Apple TV 2.3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

AppleTV 2.3 update kills boxee

While mixed video/audio playlists are something I've been looking for since version 1, The new Apple TV update is mostly insignificant feature additions, and breaks Boxee, which makes it pretty undesirable at the moment. When Apple gives us the features that we want, and that the device is obviously capable of, people will stop hacking it en masse. Imagine if iTunes had got its start by disallowing CD ripping and only letting you play music that was purchased from Apple or made in Garageband. The reality is that people already have tons of digital media, and the further that Apple gets from trusting users to be responsible with how they acquire and manage media and the more they dictate usage and cripple featuresets, the less successful they will be. It's their product and their choice, but if there's a way to make it work the way we want it to, people will continue to do it. link