Tuesday, August 29, 2006

AppleInsider | Microsoft leaks Windows Vista pricing

AppleInsider | Microsoft leaks Windows Vista pricing

$199 for home basic, $239 for Home Premium, $299 business, $399 ultimate; Amazon taking preorders with Jan 30, 2007 preliminary ship date.

See article for more details.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Radical Software

Collected now online- all the issues of Radical Software, a great 70's MacLuhanite zine about early video art and media activism. This stuff is like porn for me, vintage video gear with a good dose of pre-internet media theory.

As problem solvers we are a nation of hardware freaks. Some are into seizing property or destroying it. Others believe in protecting property at any cost including life or at least guarding it against spontaneous use. Meanwhile, unseen systems shape our lives. Power is no longer measured in land, labor, or capital, but by access to information and the means to disseminate it. As long as the most powerful tools (not weapons) are in the hands of those who would hoard them, no alternative cultural vision can succeed. Unless we design and implement alternate information structures which transcend and reconfigure the existing ones, other alternate systems and life styles will be no more than products of the existing process.