Friday, April 15, 2005

Obsolete video formats

This post is just an excuse to post a picture of a Burt Reynolds' SelectaVision CED Video disc. These sad, hulking, extinct things were like titanium-coated phonograph records, but for video. And the best part is that they look like enormous (bigger than laserdiscs enormous) floppy discs.
There's a couple of incomplete lists of dead video formats here and here.


Hayes said...

And those discs were VERY heavy. I dumped a box full of them and a player on an unsuspecting collector geek about 1996. It was just an awful format.

Nick said...

At least Burt Reynolds isn't obsolete.

milovoo said...

I have one of these (Duran Duran Videos, heh!) and it's actually about the same size as a laserdisc,but yes, heavier. I have them on the same shelf and it sticks out less than an inch. I use it as a shelf divider between horror and music video discs.