Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Retiring Video Thing?

Well, It began as a group blog, but the focus was so wide that we lost our momentum early on, and it has regrettably turned into a glorified bookmark feed for me. I think it's probably time to retire poor old Video Thing. I'm leaving the blog up for our past articles, especially the gems like the ones over in the "best video things" sidebar. I'll still be posting over at It's Not For Everyone, so don't forget to pay me a visit over there. ttfn!

Monday, June 29, 2009

All you want to know about 2.4 update

Boxee still works with 2.4, just run the patchstick again and get all the boxee updates.

All you want to know about 2.4 update

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WatchUWant on boxee

WatchUWant is a Pandora-style video search application for Boxee. Just type in "Portuguese vomit wrestling" or whatever you are looking for and it will generate a channel completely filled with Portuguese vomit wrestling off of YouTube.
The app: We’re Pandora for video. We create automatic programming for any distribution method. We get better and better the more people use us, even across different devices.
“Channels” are automatically generated based on user queries. These channels play an endless stream of clips, and we determine how well we choose videos based on how quickly the user skips (or doesn’t skip) to the next one.

We are particularly useful for devices that demand less interaction — mobile and television — because we remove the burden of navigation. On the Web, we’ve found that this way of presenting removes the cognitive load of choosing videos and keeps users highly engaged. All our videos are pulled from YouTube.

boxee blog � WatchUWant on boxee

Review: Blackmagic Design Video Recorder with H.264 Encoding | iLounge

Just another video recording solution for Mac users? Not at all: Blackmagic Design's Video Recorder ($149) actually offers something that's not so common, namely component video inputs so that you can record video from high-definition sources.

Review: Blackmagic Design Video Recorder with H.264 Encoding | iLounge:

Friday, May 15, 2009

MSA Remote rejected AGAIN, velocity sensitive pads on iPhone, and patents |

Memo's amazing OSC remote app for iphone (velocity sensitive pads, multitouch!) has been rejected by Apple a second time. This time for having a drawing of an iPhone in the 'how to use' screen, which is a 'copyrighted image' (if by a picture of an iPhone you mean a buttonless black rectangle with rounded corners). Anyway, when it finally gets released it's going to completely annihilate the other current OSC controller apps. Check out his latest post about it to see him playing in ableton live and VDMX simultaneously with it.
MSA Remote rejected AGAIN, velocity sensitive pads on iPhone, and patents |

Thursday, May 14, 2009

write a boxee app, win a Sony HDTV/Drobo

The new boxee API enables developers to build and publish apps for boxee users. while people are working on a variety of boxee apps, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some extra incentive for the developers.

the boxee dev challenge will have 3 categories: Video, Music and Photos. in each category we will have a People's Choice award and a Judge's Choice award:

People's Choice Award: Drobo,
Judge's Choice Award: Sony Bravia XBR9 46",

the deadline for submitting your application is June 14th at 11:59pm PT, but we encourage you to submit early and often as we'll be talking up cool applications as they come in.

Boxee for Developers