Friday, July 22, 2005


The G-Play is a tiny 100gb drive that will store ripped images of DVD's, DivX files, and various sundry audio and image formats, and then play them out to your a/v hardware over composite, vga or analog stereo connections. It's complete with a tiny remote. Pretty awesome, although the model I saw does not play H.264 (you could fit about 20 DVD images on the G-Play. If it played H.264 you could fit a hundred movies at about the same quality). The_DVD_Guy got one of these, and according to him, the company that makes the decoder chip on this thing has started making H.264 player chips, so.... next model?
Personally, I'm still holding out for a video iPod, but this is getting pretty close to the target, the capacity pretty much biff-whomps anything similar in price/size on the market.


Peter Kirn said...

Isn't there a Sony drive that lets you rip video live as input? (can it play, too?)

My ideal drive would be able to:

- record live video input, so you could, for instance, run a computer through a splitter and project it while recording it
- play live video

. . . perfect for VJ sets. Am I asking too much? (Does this fit the bill?)


Wiley said...

The ability to rip live video would be cool, but seems unlikely. I've seen a piece of hardware that will rip mpeg2 live from incoming video, so i suppose it's possible. Dunno what the quality is like though.

Will said...

has nobody utilized podzilla to play H.264? I would imagine you could somehow use the iPod Photo dock with the rca cable.