Monday, April 24, 2006


Well, the Red One HD camera's specs, format options, and pricing have been released and I can already hear Mike Curtis furiously typing and hyperventilating. I have to say, this thing is pretty damn impressive.
2540p (!) resolution, variable frame rate (60fps max), shooting RAW. $17,500 (sans lens). The price is what kind of kicks the wind out of me.. for those of you not used to pro HD pricing, that is absurdly cheap. Like consumer-end cheap. Like, we are going to have to watch a bunch of bad star-wars fan films in astoundingly crisp 35mm-like HD pretty soon cheap.


Doktor Future said...

I wonder if it's made of tritanium, or some other super space age metal. Perhaps transparent aluminum?

Oh wait, I've got it: Krell Metal!

Very forbidden planet.

james said...

Umm... how the hell are you supposed to hold this thing? It looks like a piece of scaffolding. And where's the optical viewfinder so you can properly focus your magnum opus? :)

Wiley said...

Are you kidding, with this price point? Krell metal costs a fortune!