Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sharp demos 4Kx2K 64" experimental LCD

Sharp's very, very sharp experimental screen | CNET

Somebody asked me how you would monitor a 4K signal - if not using the Viewsonic monitor (like Red had at the IBC booth) that is slightly sub 4K, or using the incredibly pricey, really for theatrical display Sony 4K projector, perhaps something like this would be used in the future - a 64" 4K LCD panel, DCI spec resolution - 4096x2160 (which is twice 2Kx1080 in each dimension). That
s about 9 megapixels. Another company was showing a similar resolution panel at IBC, I can't recall the name though.

This unit is experimental only, however, and not planned for resale at this time. They were also showing off a million to one contrast ratio screen.


Arnetta said...

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HP laptop screen said...

This is incredible. I couldnt be at Ceatec technology trade show, i was in China... four times that of normal high-definition screens? That must be incredibly High Def. That means it should be about 8 point something million pixel points!