Friday, December 15, 2006 Hannibal Deuce

The Hannibal Deuce Plus is Linux-based MythTV DVR box that does pretty much evertyhing you could want a settop box to do. It rips dvds, it'll Torrent videos off the net and store them, has wireless connectivity and can run multiple tuner-cards for DVRing mutliple simultaneous channels.
found via BoingBoing


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Anonymous said...

The product may be nice but the company sucks. I waited over three months for delivery before I simply asked for my order to be canceled and a refund processed. I'm told that the refund will take up to six weeks. It only took them a day to charge it in the first place.
Very slow to respond via email as well. I had to post on thier forum everyday just to get an email response one week later. Got banned from the forum for my trouble.

Anonymous said...

And they are now defunct. Please see: