Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Apple TV early reports

VideoThing's Mike Curtis' new blog: Apple TV Hacker!

Macworld: Video: Macworld Video: Exploring Apple TV

Warranty Voiding at MacDevCenter

Apple TV reportedly hacked for XVid support

Apple TV Dissected


Wiley said...

Well, I got my appleTV. It does 1080i as promised, over component. Now I've just got to start ripping my dvd's and figure out an easy way to batch convert my DivX files that I've found over torrent. I'm having a huge struggle trying to figure out how to to take a divx video with OGG audio and a seperate SRT subtitle file, and get all that in an H.264 file that iTunes will like. Now multiply that by 29. AAAAAAAARRRGH

So far I found an SRT plugin for quicktime, it lets you paste an SRT as a clip onto your movie with the "add to selection and scale" command in quicktime pro. Unfortunately it adds it as a hideous black box with text in it, that you have to add an offset to in 'visual settings' in 'movie properties' to get it underneath the video. VLC will automatically look in the same directory as a movie for a subtitle track and display it over the movie with a nice alpha channel. Too bad it won't export.

So now I'm going to see if I can convert this cobbled together movie to H.264 and have it work. Of course this is going to take hours. I really wish I had one of those H.264 hardware encoders about now.

If anybody knows an easier way to do this, please let me know.

Wiley said...

It looks like FFMPEG X is the way so far. There's a filters tab that lets you add in subs. It doesn't like any of the files with OGG audio though. Not sure what to do with those.