Friday, January 04, 2008

Create Digital Motion � Pinnacle Video Transfer: Grab Analog Video Without a Computer

Create Digital Motion scoops video thing so often now that I'm beginning to wonder if we have become superfluous (!) Anyway, from CDM today- Super cool hardware H.264 capture device, plug it into any usb 2.0 volume (ipods, flash drives), and capture to H.264 without a computer. At only $129, I'm totally getting one.

Create Digital Motion- Pinnacle Video Transfer: Grab Analog Video Without a Computer

Also on CDM- The worlds smallest laser projector. I want one implanted in my head.

Tiny Create Digital Motion - Laser Projector Becomes World’s Smallest Projector


Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the practical application of this gadget. Would it be to convert old media directly onto an ipod so you can view shows a lot more quickly? I guess that would be pretty cool to have. Maybe it would make using clips from DVDs a lot easier too...
Can you give me an example of what else you could use it for?

Wiley said...

digitizing any analog video to file and playback from the device itself or a computer. I don't know what H.264 profile it uses, but I'm going to assume it's one compatible with the ipod, so yes, ipod playback as well. Good way to digitize a bunch of vhs or dvd's for example.