Monday, April 07, 2008

Quadruplex - Call for Submissions

Pete from Quadruplex writes:

hi wiley,

Hi, I really enjoy your blog and the videothings that you find.

I'm putting together a video screening that I think would be right up
video thing's street [...]

the 2 mile
Video bending and noise films

Please Forward!

The 2 mile Quadruplex is a new film organisation that is pro-magnetism and
We are looking for video in the following (made-up) genres:

* noise
* video-synthesis
* video-bent
* demoscene
* trash/broken
* old media
* data bending/'Mush'-inima
* ear-eye experiments
* VHS nostalgia
* other...

for an evening of video, film and live performances in Hull, UK.
Deadline: 30th May 08

Screening in late June, exact dates TBA

Please send DVDs, mini-DVs or twisted VHS tapes to:
Pete McPartlan
The Quadruplex
140 Worthing St

Or contact Pete about submitting online on: info(at)
Please don't directly e-mail video files...

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