Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Curates Egg

A Curates Egg

Site updated, check "longform" to find film clips. But everything else there is equally brilliant!)

Lifelong Friendship Society is cooking something up. Looks to be a feature film, but who knows. It defies all explanation. Three trailers are linked on the site, each equally baffling and hilarious.

No other info than that. I emailed them, but assume a response may never come. I venture a guess that this is going to be feature film. Who knows.

I wonder who else in design/animation collectives is taking on feature films. MK12 is making History of America. Now these guys. I'm pretty excited by the bent, but brilliant minds going into this.


Wiley said...

I love the colors/grains they're using in those trailers. I'd love to sit in on some of LLC (or psyop)'s stuff and see how they do it all.

Anthony Lavado said...

I second that motion.

I'd have to say my favourite trailer so far is the second one.

Nick said...

Yeah, film-looks always seem forced when I see them. These guys make good stuff.

It looks just like old print stock, tranferred a few generations from the original negative.

I'm guessing one could imitate this by crunching the levels, destaurating a touch, opening the shadows a tad, then adding a layer of grain. Some other fuckups might be to add a layer of gradient to imitate light leak. Even add a little flicker animated with a noise keyframes.

Will said...

I did just that a few years ago with a short I did while in film school. I was experimenting a whole lot and though it looked much better than many of the attempts that others were doing it still looked forced. I was also shooting on a PD150 so I could only do so much. I did try it again in color a few months later and got a much better result when I transfered to a VHS and then back to DV.

Nick said...

Another trick for emulating film grain:
Get a 16mm projector, some flashed film stock (or any film leader with dirt, grain, and general poo on it), and shoot it off a wall with your video camera.

You can use it as a matte layer on top of your video footage. Play with transfer modes, contrast, etc.

Bottom line is, Red Giant Software or anyone else don't really match the real thing.