Monday, February 27, 2006 Maker Faire Movies

Make is hosting a mini film festival of DIY video's that celebrate the Make aesthetic:
The first film festival that celebrates makers and the DIY mindset.
Grab those hacked CVS video cameras and $14 steadycams. It's time for MAKE: Movies! MAKE: is hosting the first festival for makers to show off their DIY short video clips. Don't think of it as a contest, because there isn't much to win if you make the cut... other than the admiration of your peers, a bag of MAKE: goodies, and the chance to see your work on the big (well, medium) screen at the upcoming Maker Faire in April. Our favorite footage will premiere at a special MAKE: Movies! party at the Maker Faire and shown throughout the event. Of course, you're invited to walk down the asphalt carpet and say a few words about your work. After the Faire, the selections will be available for free download on So charge those batteries, fire up Final Cut, and... Action!

Important: Submit your movie by March 24, 2006!

Found Via BoingBoing

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