Monday, March 06, 2006 New study questions mobile TV and music hype

For some reason I keep getting pegged as a mobile media guy, and people are often surprised when I say that I'm not too interested in cellphones as content delivery devices. I think that treating networked handheld devices as little televisions is a mistake. It might be ok for ipods (which can output to televisions, etc and hold tons of music, movies, and pictures), but it's really ignoring the strengths of a cellphone. A cellphone's weakness is it's tiny screen and speaker. Its strengths are the camera, your address book of contacts, its network connection. As devices they beg for something more complicated than one-way traditional media. I think they are awesome as content aquisition and blogging devices, and I think there's a huge opportunity for some new, crazy networked games on them.

According to a survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets, about 75 percent of roughly 1,000 people polled said they had no interest in watching TV on their cell phones. And about 70 percent said they didn't see themselves using their cell phones for musical entertainment.

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Doktor Future said...

I have no interest in watching much TV. hehe.

Bohus Blahut said...

You and me both, Wiley. I think that there will be a faddish spike in interest in these video phones and crap, but the simple truth is that you can't walk and watch TV at the same time.

I will admit to be somewhat interested in the little iPod that does video, but I'm more interested in it as a portable playback device. I'm probably more interested in a similar device that can handle every codec you throw at it, just so that you can really simply and quickly pull video off the net and play it back using this device hooked up to a television.

I guess that I'm some kind of portable video luddite...

Wiley said...

I reeeeeally like my 5 gen ipod, but I don't have a big problem converting all my video to H.264, cause I like the format and I do it anyway. A VLC style all-format player would be awesome, of course.