Wednesday, March 22, 2006

RES Magazine: 3d video from a couple of iSights

The January/February issue of RES Magazine has an interesting article on how to make 3D videos with a pair of Apple iSights. We'll post a link when the article gets archived, otherwise, grab yourself a copy!


Bohus Blahut said...

Heya Wiley! The apple link doesn't work because you've got a slash where the first period should be. :)

BTW I'm doing a video performance next week, so I'll have to write up the ancient and obscure video hardware I'm using (provided I can keep it working all the way til next week.) :)

Wiley said...

Fixed it.

Take pictures of your performance and post a report! Last night was the slo-mo video fest in austin and it went really well! We were surprised at the turnout.

Bohus Blahut said...

Yeah, I really wanted to enter something in that. Next year fer sure. Glad that it went so well!