Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Modern Mechanix - Flat Screen TV in 1958

This is crazy- Modern Mechanix posts about a flat screen crt technology developed in 1958 that got abandoned over licensing issues.

BECAUSE OF NEW TECHNIQUES in the field of electronics, airplane instrument panels and home television sets may soon have something in common—a rectangular picture tube less than three inches thick. The thin cathode-ray tube was invented by William Ross Aiken and developed in the Kaiser Aircraft and Electronics Corporation laboratories. Military uses for the new TV tube were developed for the Douglas Aircraft Company. For the aircraft pilot, the thin TV tube will serve as an electronic windshield, showing an artificial picture of the terrain and sky conditions about him. For the TV viewer at home, the new picture tube may result in new designs for sets, with screens mounted in any wall or hung like picture frames.


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Anonymous said...

This CRT uses the same system as Clive Sinclair later used in his flat screen pocket TV.

The electron gun is at the bottom of the tube and fires at right angles to the phosphor coating. The image has to be electronicly distorted in the opposite way to the distortion the display causes for this system to work.

And work it does. Kinda.

There is nothing new in this, as you have to do some compensation even with a back firing tube.

The really interesting line from the popular mechanix article is this:
"A new method of printing electrode elements on the inside surfaces of the glass eliminates the need for assembled metal parts"

That's way ahead of it's time.