Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Welcome Editors Keys

Video Thing would like to welcome this week's sponsor, Editors Keys. The company makes key cap shortcut labels for all the major audio and video applications- an easy, affordable alternative to pricey editor's keyboards and full key cap replacements (which require you to yank out all your keys and only fit in certain keyboards). The pre-cleaning cloth and applicator they include make sure that the labels don't peel or collect gunk like a lot of key labels do.
Editors Keys have launched a new website which carries all new Video and Audio editing keyboard sets for the following programs:

-Adobe Premiere
-Final Cut
-Sony Vegas
-After Effects
-Pro Tools
-Cubase and many more...!

Each key contains your programs shortcut function and tool on it for faster access, whilst keeping the keys 'Letter' in the corner for standard typing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I brought them and recieved them this morning!

Really a lot better than expected! A+!

Started editing in Final cut today and its amazing what a difference they make!