Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My First VJ outing with VDMX

So, on saturday I had my first public performance with VDMX. I was going from my Macbook Pro to an HD projector through a byzantine array of converters since there is no publicly available mini-display port to HDMI or component adapter. My signal was squashed to SD over RCA, but that was ok, since none of my source material was HD. Monoprice.com is supposed to have a Mini-display to HDMI adapter ready by the 15th of this month, so we'll see how that works out next time.

Overall I was pleased with VDMX. My setup had to run itself, because I was going to be busy playing keys with my band, and running around like a headless chicken for the rest of the show. I made three layers, one on top using an OpenGL add mode, two on bottom, transitioning back and forth using a quartz composition 'xerox' wipe. All the layers had clips cycling through them using a step sequencer. Since I had my computer in a balcony VJ booth, I was able to include a video input as a clip in my bin, and then angle the camera in my MacBook screen down at the audience so occasionally there would be a crowd shot projected, which seemed to give the audience a kick.

My visuals did get a little washed out due to so much simultaneous stuff going on at once with that OpenGL add mode, but that's something that shouldn't be too difficult to improve on next round. I may also try to add touchOSC controls from my iphone next time, although I am pretty content to just let the thing run itself so I don't have to worry about it. If I was vj'ing for another band I would probably add a midi controller and work that way.

I'll post my vdmx project file in a bit, as well as some video of the show when I track some down.

Create Digital Motion's post about the pains of getting mini-display out to most projectors and televisions


JW said...

out of curiosity, what are you using to go from mini displayport to analog when you do? The display port to minidvi and minidivi to svideo/composite don't play nice.

Wiley said...

I'm using a mini-display to vga adapter and this horrible little thing:

It will take any vga signal you send it and turn it into svideo. It's powered by usb and it has vga, svideo and rca outputs.

I'll be very happy when someone resolves this. I'm sure mini-display is a great output, but right now nothing uses it and it's just a problem, not a feature.

JW said...

That's a little pricey -- does Display Port have pins for composite signal?

Wiley said...

As far as my research could find, this or another comparable box like it (there are a few, all around 30 dollars) is the only current way to get an analog out from a mini-display port. There's a thread about it going over at createdigitalmotion.com