Sunday, March 22, 2009

Processing based 360 degree video app

Noelb on the forums responded (deftly) to a video thing query and has made a processing sketch, (downloadable as java applets for Mac, Linux, and Windows) that will do with a live video input, what video thing-ers were having to render out with After Effects before- namely to unwrap their ghetto 360 degree video projects.

Here's the forum thread


Jaitu said...

This is all cool stuff.

I'd like to start experimenting with this type of filming but do not have (and cannot afford) After Effects.

Are there any budget alternatives that will unwrap recorded images? (Final Cut Express etc...)

Would it maybe be possible to create a Processing sketch that will import a movie frame by frame and unwrap it back to a new file?

z-truth said...

Here is a cheap mirror and software kit.