Saturday, August 06, 2005

Camera Phone video festival is hosting a phonecam video competition in October. Videos must be 3 minutes long and originate on a phone. External sound sources can be used, and multiple phones can be employed. No word on whether or not you can do any finishing effects on the footage in an editor, but if you can't it's a pretty gray area since they require you to upconvert the footage to SD- you have to submit your completed short as a DVD. Nokia has a similar competition going (originally it was just normal shorts shot with phones in mind as the final output, now it includes shorts actually shot on phones), but I may enter this one instead, since it seems less intimidating to me for some reason. I've been playing with an idea for a longer piece that would use both phone footage and SD footage cut together, and this may be a good starting point for the phonecam portion of it.

Again, this makes me think about the possibility of a video thing festival... maybe something that is just a compilation of our stuff on a DVD, rather than a laborious actual festival. Talk amongst yourselves.


Will said...

When I started my INDUSfilm website about 2 months ago I had the idea of hosting an online film festival for readers. I got the idea after finding out about the Slo-Mo Video festival and loved the idea of one minute movies. Long enough to tell a story and small enough to fit a whole bunch onto the site. I still have plans to do it, but right now I am more concentrated on getting an actual website up to replace the blog.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any in-cellphone editing solutions? Specifically, for the Series 60 OS? I'd love to be able to do a project completely on my cellphone, but I can figure out a good method for splicing clips together.

Wiley said...

actually, there is a built in editor on my Nokia 6630 called just "video editor". I've never tried to use it though. I just bluetooth clips to my computer and if I need to, upconvert them to DV in compressor.

I don't know if there is a place to download the nokia video editor...

Wiley said...

actually... I just played around with the nokia editor for a moment now and it's pretty cool. I might try and use it sometime.

Wiley said...

Dan from the festival responds:

"Hi Wiley,

Thanks for posting about the cellphone film festival on Video Thing!
Couple things: the festival is being hosted by the Integrated Digital
Media Institute of Polytechnic University. The 3 minute requirement
has been dropped to one minute. You don't have to submit your entry
via DVD -- you can submit them to us online. We'll have a standalone
site for the festival up soon."