Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Korg Kaptivator

The Kaptivator is a drum-machine style control surface for vj's that will work off a live dv feed or clips. It does audio level and bpm detection so that you can automate some of the mixing to music.
Thanks, Skye


Bohus Blahut said...

isn't this sort of an all-hardware version of what the boys at www.neuromixer.com are doing? I just got my mixman dm2 unit to use with Neuromixer, and I can hardly wait!


Peter Kirn said...

No, not at all related to Neuromixer.

The Kaptivator samples in realtime, and has a more sophisticated clip-loading interface than Neuromixer.

The dm2 does work well with Neuromixer; I can offer some tips -- maybe I should blog that! :-)

Peter from create digital music

Adi said...

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