Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Video Turntable

From We Make Money Not Art:
Video Turntable, by miyakodub, is a machine that appears to be very similar to a regular turntable. You put a disc on it, the disc rotates, and then the system picks up sound that's encoded on the disc. But Video Turntable uses a webcam instead of a phonograph needle, transparent discs with color patterns instead of traditional black discs with grooves, and a digital computer vision system instead of analog circuits to decode and produce sound.Multiple transparent discs can be stacked, creating different combinations of colors and thereby sound. The system can recognize five colors: black, red, yellow, blue, and green. Depending on which area colors appear in a webcam's view, the system controls pitch, pan, volume, delay, etc. You can also draw color patterns on a disk by yourself and use it to play unique sound patterns.



addison98sherry said...
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Bohus Blahut said...

Nice. There is actually a long history of video stored on vinyl. Not too long ago the earliest recordings of some of Britain's earliest broadcasting experiments (done by Baird)on acetate. These were digitized and restored on the internet someplace.

This development isn't the same (and is wickedly cool I should mention) but I thought that you guys might be interested. Also you might want to check out a current take on similar technology. Hit to learn more.

Wiley said...

Sounds like this will make a good post. I'm going to transplant it.