Saturday, September 03, 2005

3D HDTV, no glasses required - Engadget

From Engadget:
Newsight Corporation has developed a technique for displaying HDTV in 3D without the need for wearing special glasses.
The technique uses software processing to pass HD video streams through a converter chip that creates eight stereo
views on-the-fly. When a filter is applied to project each of the eight views in a slightly different direction on an
LCD monitor, the human eye picks up the different scenes and composites them into a coherent three-dimensional view.


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cemenTIMental said...

We were talking to people at a small company developing a very similar-sounding system a while back, tho nothing really came of it. Looked pretty good tho was kind of difficult to see properly at certain angles, and was very sensitive to lighting conditions.

I hope someone gets this kind of thing properly going some time, it's 2005, we should definitely at least have 3D TV by now if not flying cars.

I'm interested to know how these sort of systems generate any kind of 3d from 2d footage..