Saturday, September 10, 2005

DeCorp: FlatWire / Flat Wire Video Cable Product Listing and Pictures

Everybody has already probably seen these on BoingBoing, but they're still awesome enough to post again, Flat, paint over video cables fow walls, including component video connections. Practically invisible without having to stick holes in your walls.


Anonymous said...

I've been to the flatwire solutions site, and those flat products are incredible time savers. Some other companies claim to be "flat", but they simply don't compare.

Anonymous said...

What is not understood about this flatwire is that for one it does not carry the amount of current (watts) that most audiophiles want to get to the speakers unless you use the most expensive size 12AWG then it may go 100 watts. Stranded wire will never be surpassed in the amount of current for size it can carry due to the edge effect of all the conductors in the bundle. This is just too much cost for a mediorcre product performance!