Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Home Movie Night

Video Thing'er Bohus Blahut has started a video blog of his own: Home Movie Night. Looks great so far!

Every week we will feature a different home movie taken from 8mm, super 8, or 16mm film. Every film we share has been shot by amateurs, and many never have been seen by more than a few people.


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Bohus Blahut said...

Awright - who spilled the beans on my secret video blog? Was it Slocum? :)

Yeah, this is part of a longterm project. This week's film will probably be a little late as I have to finish a client edit that's taking up all my time.

Check out what's up there now, and the weekly films will start really soon. Get in touch with me with any questions or requests. I need your comments to make sure that I'm doing this right!

Thanks for linking me, Wiley. Once I work all this stuff out I'll get a link back to you going. :)