Sunday, January 08, 2006

Garage 3D question..

Andrew writes:

...I know it's not ask dr. wiley, but i was wondering-
my friend and i both have canon zr series dvs,
theyd be pretty easy to rig stereoscopically,
does anyone have the software to generate 3D?
with or without glasses?
canons XL1 had a stereo lens, but i think that
just utilized the interlace.
do you know anything about this?
or where i could try looking?

My guess is that this is one for Dr. Bohus...


Wolf Peterson said...

There was a How-to on engadget a while back on red/cyan 3D pictures.

The 36th comment says how to rig pictures manually.

I estimate, but correct me if I'm wrong, that the process explained by this person is possible with video. You could do the same color corrections with the different tracks (instead of layers) in Premiere or FCP and, since I think there is no 'sceen' filter, change opacity of the above track.

I don't know if there is actual software to do this but I think it is feasible to do it manually.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who just created his own stereoscopic camera by hacking 2 cameras together. maybe you can send him an email. Here is his site.

Jaymis said...

After Effects has a plugin which does this for you automagically. You choose which layer is the left and right channel and tell it what kind of stereoscopic video you want to make (red blue, red green, interlaced (I think)). Very easy and quite effective.

Next step: synchronized DVD players and polarized projectors so you can watch in full colour.