Sunday, January 08, 2006

Video feature: Viewsonic's mini projector - Engadget

This thing with the battery pack and an ipod with video.
Video feature: Viewsonic's mini projector - Engadget


Bohus Blahut said...

Um, even more interesting to me is the music used in this interview. Does anyone know if Engadget uses this all the time? It's the first few seconds of music from my new favorite Chicago band J+J+J. My friends do this great electronic music and this song is called "Jobs that Require Headphones". I'll be pretty distressed if Engadget is using this without asking somehow...

Oh, and baby projector... real neat. I'll believe it when I've seared out my eyes staring into the LED's, but not before.

Bohus Blahut said...

Ah - after checking with J+J+J I found out tha they are the official band of engadget. Nice gig! Their music is at if you're interested. Their sound is a very 80's retro one, but not in a pretentious or sacharinely nostalgic way. I'm less interested in bands like Ladytron that try to slavishly recreate the period. J+J+J use the same sorts of sounds, but better embody the spirit of early electronic pop music to my ears. Maybe it's just me.

TO being this back on topic, one thing I always find funny about projectors is that the discussion is always about resolution and refresh rate, which is all good - but few people seem to discuss what you project it on to. Back in the day you'd project home movies onto a glass beaded screen which had a narrower field of visibility, but yielded a much brighter picture than later crummy screens (I think that I have one somewhere that is little more than a sheet of silver colored vinyl).

I've seen all kinds of things sold online as projector screen material (some of it quite expensive), but I really wonder who is offering the real deal. It really shouldn't be all that pricey for even the best stuff.

Still, the output of LCD projectors is just so much better than the old 3 tube projectors from just a few years back. You had to separately align the three tubes before projecting, a good sneeze could knock them out of alignment, they were heavy & fragile, slow to refresh, and most of all the picture quality was pretty poor. Even a $300 data grade projector is better. Idon't have one, but have used LCD projectors on a few gigs. I've even had good luck rear-projecting onto stretched out spandex sheets outdoors. Gotta get me one for those marathon sessions of Atari 2600 Warlords.

Wiley said...

Off Topic: Did you see that midi in kit for Speak & Spells that was on musicthing the other day, Bohus? I'm thinking of picking one up, but I don't have an unbent Speak & Spell. They've got new Midi in kits for the Casio SK-1 too.