Friday, January 20, 2006

The Scanner Photography Project

Mike Golembewski creates a strange and beautiful hybrid using flatbed scanners and large format cameras. He rigs old cameras to low-end scanners, the lens functions as it normally would, and the scanner slowly pulls the image in line by line.

It's kinda like when you put your face in the copy machine, and move it slowly left to right, and the scan bar does its thing. Imagine images of the outside world taken this way.

The Scanner Photography Project
Links appear to be dead now 3/07

Thanks, dylan!


Anonymous said...

the links to this dont work?

what happened?

Nick said...

Fixed...URL had changed.

Anonymous said...

The Scanner Photography Project fascinated a lot of people with the potential of constructing a large format digital camera from an inexpensive flatbed scanner. Michael Golembewski’s web site along with his explanations and excellent examples of photographs produced by his cameras inspired some of us to build our own cameras. It was a lot of fun and I have now adapted two of my view cameras to allow me to take photographs with this technique and technology.

However there are some additional pieces to the puzzle of scanner photography, which were recently forwarded to me that I would like to share. One of the problems relative to these cameras is the digital artifacts and noise that appear in the photographs. That is why you can build your own camera for a couple hundred dollars or less vs. buying a large format digital back from Betterlight which works on basically the same principle for considerably more (Their latest and I believe highest resolution unit was recently introduced at $23,000.), or so it appeared.

I have posted links to two papers, the first by Shuzhen Wang and Wolfgang Heidrich, The Design of an Inexpensive Very High Resolution Scan Camera System, and an earlier paper by Shuzhen Wang, An Inexpensive, High Resolution Scan Camera, that are very interesting along with some information on my latest camera conversion at:

I hope you find this interesting and someone can indeed build an inexpensive large format scanner camera for all of us who can’t afford a professional unit.

Anonymous said...

link is dead again