Friday, April 29, 2005


Doggicam make freaky steadycam mounts. This stuff is way beyond the general price-range of Video Thing, but I just can't get enough of this example picture of one of their rigs. Look at that guy... he's crazy.


Thomas J. Brown said...

Man, the Bodymount looks like an overly-complicated Snorricam (a la Darren Aronofsky). I e-mailed Sean Gullette (yeah, the actor) and asked how they build their Snorricam. He e-mailed me back and told me. It works just fine. The Doggicam's Bodymount looks like it would be much more stable, and based on the demo video it seems to work quite well, but it's nothing that couldn't be built for less than $30 to $50 (to rent the vest (sans camera) would run you $350).

Santiago Yniguez said...

To get the story straight the Snorri camp first went to Doggicam to accomplish this shot. They decided to do it on their own. I'm sure the rig does work just fine (as we see in the films) but I highly doubt that a $30-$50 vest could take being rigged on a stunt guy making a 30' jump through a hoop it has done.

Alex Ryterski said...

I found this link and decided to rig my own. The real support comes from a section of a plastic bucket that forms to your body since it's curved, which then has backpack clip straps and belts to go around the torso for support. Also, there is a neck strap to hold the entire rig at chest-level.

The rigging holding the camera is just a single rod sticking out of the front made from a piece of metal rod, with another bolted to it with a single bolt & thumbscrew to adujust height and distance. The camera attatchment is actually just the top of an old tripod bolted to it, but could be just as easily made with a piece of angled steel and the right sized-bolt.

It only cost me about $5.00 to make if I actually bought everything needed, but I actually spent just 0.67 on carriage bolts because I was tired of the regular ones poking into my chest. Overall, it works pretty good, and yet I haven't tried it yet, I'm sure you could put it on backwards and to give a back-of-the-head-going-forwards look to it.

If anyone wants to see pictures of it, just send me an e-mail me at livindead(at) and I'll try to get you some pics of the rig on and off of me, and a video sample of it in use.