Saturday, April 30, 2005

H.264 looks guuud.

H.264 (Otherwise known as AVC), the new video codec in QuickTime 7 looks... really... good. The file sizes are smaller than regular mpeg4 or sorenson, and the picture looks so much better that there's really no contest. If you've got QuickTime 7 installed and you have a reasonably stacked G5, take a look at some trailers for really bad movies in HD.
Try resizing them. Yesterday I saw one of these trailers stretched across two 30 inch displays in extended desktop mode, no slowdown, no visible pixelization or artifacts... do you hear me? NONE.


Mike Curtis said...

Looks VERY good. Still see film grain in the 1920 pixel wide trailers....DAMN!!! Requires a dual G5 for that size, but awfully impressive, especially on a 23" LCD.

Wiley said...

I got it fullscreen on my iMac G5, no problem.
This is a great codec.