Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Welcome to Video Thing

Yes, it's a direct ripoff of the wonderful Music Thing Blog, but about video. So if you read Music Thing, you already know sort of what we're looking for. Software, plugins, weird or interesting hardware, techniques, and we're going to go one further to include especially impressive motion graphics work-in-progress and reels.

I'll start off with a link I already posted on my other blog and then get back to work before someone catches me blogging.

Vintage analog video generators:
Video Synthesizers usually refer to analog devices from the early '70s driven by oscillators, similar to analog audio synthesizers. They create and modify video in realtime.



Tom said...

Cool! What a great idea.

Let me know when it's going, and I'll put a permalink on Music Thing.

That picture is amazing!

Wiley said...

You must be checking referrers like a demon, Tom.. I was going to send you a link as soon as there were a couple of articles!

Jack said...

The Pixel Vision on the index page rocks. I remember those. And I think it's cool how they used one towards the end of Slacker. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

some one should start a photo thing

electrofrog said...

Yeah ! It Rocks... wonderfull idea !

Anonymous said...

what is that effect called?