Thursday, June 02, 2005


VT reader Yair Reshef writes:
been watching your blog and i feel this can be of interest to you. [...]
I shot this footage using a 25 dollar wireless cam i order of eBay. hooked it to a kite and it gave nice results.

i also tried to make low cost diy video/music scratching platform, like this stuff using a broken turntable with a reflective sticker on it, a small securtiy camera and eyesweb for tracking and was able to get some nice results. its still ver. 0.1 but its a proof-of-concept i guess. very responsive. and with several records with different diameters can be used to scratch several different sources! [ link]


Anonymous said...

cool idea!
i wonder how high the kite could fly until the signal gets too weak...
what camera did you use?
i guess it's not at full NTSC or PAL resolution?

yair said...

picking up signal from the kite is no trouble, the signal is not blocked by anything so it holds to the line of sight claims of this cheap setup. i ran out of wire before i lost the signal.
you should be careful on the landing thu..
this cameras are analog so it is full PAL but the scan lines number is prety low at 300. its cmos based sensor so the quality is a bit diffrent then ccd type.
with full sun and all it gives i nice effect. if you pay a little more you can get quality ccd sensor.
correct me anyone if im mixing stuff.

this is a picture of a similer package