Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MacWorld (finally) reviews Final Cut Express HD

Macworld: Review: Final Cut Express HD

Final Cut Express HD is a solid entrant into the world of semi-professional editing at a reasonable price. If you’re not rushing out to buy an HDV camcorder, the most compelling new features are the Digital Cinema Desktop and the additions of LiveType 1.2.1 and Soundtrack 1.2.1 (which, admittedly, are pretty cool). But given Apple’s emphasis on HD, and the fact that each version of Final Cut Express is basically a stripped down version of the previous year’s Final Cut Pro, this party is definitely going to be hopping in the future.


Wiley said...

So... wait... they're reviewing 4.5 now that 5 is out?

Jesus. Another reason why print media is dying.

Wiley said...

ooops... EXPRESS.

I need to read before I comment.