Friday, June 17, 2005

Volumetric Video, Averaged Video

Two Video Things previously linked from my other blog:

[Volumetric Video] The basic idea is simple: Video is composed of a large number of individual frames, each with X and Y dimensions. Just stack each frame on top of the next and you've got a Z dimension to place into a volume renderer.

Jason Salavon has made a number of art pieces with averaged images, kind of in the spirit of Brian Whitman's computer-averaged holiday record A Singular Christmas. In The Late Night Triad, 64 nights worth of late night talk shows were aligned and averaged until they revealed 'ghosts of repititious structure'.


Anonymous said...

Jim Campbell has also done some averaging-related pieces:

higa said...

More image-averaging over at golan levin's catalogue.

Also good for late night web surfing is finding sites where people have photographed themselves on the same day every year. Super freaky. Two favorites are Diego Golberg's Family and these siblings