Tuesday, June 07, 2005

USATODAY.com - $29.95 disposable video cameras

The first one-time-use video camera goes on sale this week at CVS drugstores in the Northeast. The $30 camera saves images to internal memory, and is returned to a CVS chain for processing and DVD burning at an extra cost.

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Brian said...

These look fun, can't wait for someone to figure out a hack to get the files off!

yair said...

so many parts for so little money...
a ccd, memorey card and a display.
for 30$!

Anonymous said...

damn! that thing would be perfect for some Dogma 95 style shooting. On a very, very low budget you could flood a room with cameras.

Wiley said...

Consider it hacked. The pinouts are:

Here is the pinout for the CVS one time use camcorder. Pin 1 starts at the end where J5 is printed on the PCB.
1 no connection
2 ground
3 no connection
4 Battery + (probably used to verify the battery level when recycling)
5 no connection
6 USB +5V
7 ground
8 USB Data +
9 USB Data -
10 ground

Pins 6 - 9 is the only pins needed to connect to a USB port.

found via make

cemenTIMental said...

A digital camera which requires return for processing!!!??? :-O That kind of defies the whole point surely! Looks good for hacking though.